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1950s Retro Furniture, Retro Diner Furniture, Cast Iron Stoves and Fireplace Inserts

Godin Cast Iron Stoves, Wood, Coal, Gas & Oil Burners, Fireplace Inserts, Firebacks & Firedogs, Bel Air 1950s Retro Furniture, Jolina American Diner Furniture, Booths & Sofas, Soda Fountain Barstools, 50's Coke & Rock n Roll Memorabilia, Kitchen Corner Bench Seating Sets, Banquette, Eckbank & Nook Groups, All Online from Lawton Imports, Wickford, Essex, UK

Lawton Imports specialises in supplying:
  • Godin Cast Iron Stoves (in multifuel, wood, coal, gas and oil burners)
  • Ceramic Tiled & Stainless Steel Stoves
  • Inset Fireplaces & Wood Burners
  • Godin Cast Iron Garden Objet D'Art
  • Retro Furniture and American Diner Furniture
  • Chrome Kitchen Chairs & Tables
  • Corner Eckbank Bench Sets
  • Continental Kitchen Corner Seating
  • High Quality Kitchen Barstools
  • Bel Air 1950s Retro Furniture
  • Cast Iron Firebacks & Firedogs

We offer a wide range of retro furniture including tables, chairs and barstools, as well as Corner Seating Bench Sets to suit all tastes.

All our retro furniture, cast Iron stoves and fireplace inserts are imported from established European companies such as Godin, Bel Air, Schossmobel and Pevaro. We have also introduced a new range of mobile/portable air conditioning units and bathroom furniture sets along with our Godin cast iron stoves and fireplace inserts.

If you have a passion for 1950s retro furniture or American diner furniture, this website is the place for you. We have loads of 1950s retro furniture available from light fittings to barstools. Purchasing online through Lawton Imports is secure and straightforward. If you have any queries, our office in Wickford, Essex is open Monday – Friday (0900 – 1700 hours) to respond to your queries.

From Godin cast Iron stoves to American diner furniture and fireplace inserts, you have found the right place for variety, value and excellent customer service.




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