Godin Spare Parts

LAWTON IMPORTS are the UK distributors of GODIN cast-iron stoves, heaters and cookers.
We carry a huge stock of genuine Godin stove spares in our warehouse, including parts for Petit Godins, Carvins, Jurassiens, Colonials, as well as many other popular models.
We also have most parts for Godin, Souveraine and Chatelaine cookers, including heating elements, gas burners, spark generators, hinges, runners etc.
Lawton Imports offer an international export service, and can arrange shipment to virtually any destination. We regularly ship to France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa etc.
Many of the spare parts for Godin Heating Stoves and Range Cookers are listed below, but if you can’t see what you want, then please contact our Spares Department directly, by emailing … spares@lawton-imports.co.uk

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