Godin Stoves - Coal Burners

For Burning Wood and Coal
LAWTON IMPORTS are the UK distributors of GODIN cast-iron stoves and heating products.
The GODIN cast iron foundry, situated in Guise, north west of Paris, has been manufacturing cast iron stoves, cookers, ranges, fires, and other heating products since 1840, and has become one of Europes oldest and most respected companies. GODIN stoves are exported all over the world and traditional antique / vintage style models, many with clean-burn double combustion technology, such as the Petit Godin, the Colonial, the Regence, the Jurassien and the Belle Epoque are still sought after and sold somewhere in the world every day of the week. Lawton Imports also offer an export service, and can arrange shipment to virtually any destination.

For sales, please phone….. 01268 769444 – Option 1
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For spares, please phone….. 01268 769444 – Option 2
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